True Story Of a Single Mom who Built a Tiny Home and Retired

Most people want to spend their lives learning a new sport or skill when the topic of retirement comes up. They plan grand vacations, consider taking up a hobby, or change jobs.

Some people, on the other hand, find retirement to be a chance to downsize and simplify their lives. They don’t have to be concerned about their kids, who have all grown up and gone from the family house.

It’s possible that the need to live close to work or family has vanished.

Sandy Brooks in Escalante Village

Downsizing has allowed numerous retirees to spend more time at home. Rather of cleaning a huge mansion all day, they get to do the things they enjoy all day.

Any opportunity to save money and reduce the cost of living is a fantastic option for most of them since they also live on a fixed income.

Sandy Brooks, 77, relocated into a tiny home in Escalante Village, Durango’s tiny house community, as a birthday gift to herself.

Sandy Brooks' home in Escalante VillageYouTube

A Durango resident launched the project, which consists of 24 tiny homes, seven of which are rentals.

The tenants themselves brought in their possessions. Others constructed the homes themselves, while others commissioned them.

Sandy had her Tiny Homemade by Simblissity Tiny Houses, a company.

Escalante Village in Durango, ColoradoYouTube

Escalante Village is home to people from all walks of life. Some are therapists, engineers, executives, and woodworkers. Others are retirees like Sandy.

They might be different in their missions, but they all want to live more intentionally and enjoyably.

Each lot in the hamlet is 20 feet long by 40 feet wide, allowing a tiny house, a deck, a garden, and two vehicle parking spots.

The dwellings in this neighborhood are constructed tightly against each other, as opposed to typical tiny homes that are erected in large areas separated from neighbors.

The living room of Sandy Brooks' tiny home in Escalante VillageYouTube

Several people have remarked on the closeness of their residences, but Sandy and her family are unconcerned.

“We all pretty much keep to ourselves when we want to be alone. Or if we see someone outside, we’ll go chat with them,” she said. “We all just have the same reason for being in this tiny [house community].”

“It’s not noisy at all. I have driven through many communities where houses are much closer than this, with windows on both sides, and you can see into someone else’s bathroom.”

“I can’t see into my neighbor’s bathroom. So the fact that we’re somewhat close together, I don’t think, bothers any of us at all,” she added.

The loft bedroom of Sandy Brooks' tiny home in Escalante Village

Sandy used to own a big house before retiring. Yet, she came to a point in her life when she decided to get rid of many of her belongings. Her square foot was 1,000. She is 5 feet tall. It felt too large to be home.

She became interested in the tiny house movement at that point, and she wondered if it was a way of life she could embrace.

Simblissity Tiny Homes is also a great resource for her as she decides to go tiny. She was sold after seeing a sample of the home she presently resides in.

The kitchen of Sandy Brooks' tiny home in Escalante VillageYouTube

“And I have no regrets,” said Sandy.

Moving into a tiny house, her two brothers, an architect, and an engineer, believed, was a poor decision.

However, once they saw how happy she was in her new home, they changed their minds.

Sandy spends a significant portion of her time cleaning her home before moving into Escalante Village. She can now spend most of her time biking, hiking, and interacting with neighbors.

In the video below, take a tour of this little home community and Sandy’s gorgeous home.

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