Spur senior citizen may have discovered secret to

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staying young

We believe Jean Hoover has found the secret to staying young in her 80s... Yet, it may not be what you think.

Jean frequents the Senior Cener all the time, but it is not what she is most youthful about.

She works as a bookkeeper at the Senior Center, where she sits at a computer. Yet, like with the rest of us, it isn't youthfulness that keeps her going.


"I've been playing for so many years and I love it," Jean said, who will be 87 in October. 


I enjoy spending time outdoors. It's also a nice way to exercise. It also assists you in maintaining your balance.


The secret is to not focus on anything in particular. She plays golf as often as she can with a ladies' group. They aren't just being nice to her.


“I love to play with Jean. She’s my instructor, my mentor,” .

Penny Martin

“There are days when I think it’s too hot to play but then I think gosh if jean hoover can play, I can get myself out there too,”


Apart from Golf and camaraderie, they also get a lot of that good stuff, including a lot of laughing.