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Stories of Individuals Who’ve Been the “Other” in an Affair

When you are cheated on, it is not just hurtful, but also quite inconvenient. As soon as you assist someone else in cheating, you feel as if you are being cruel towards them.  

What would you do if it was you who was on the receiving end?

Reddit u/aReallyCleverName

When your connection is founded on a falsehood, how do you establish trust?

There is a Redditor, who wishes to remain anonymous, who was in love with a salesperson ten years her senior, who had been committed to him for over nine years and had been living together. In the beginning, it was only a casual romance that evolved into a serious relationship after a short period of time.  

When you were unaware that the other lady was involved in the matter until it was brought to your attention.

Redditor lolalodge said, “It really hurts that he had lied the whole time.” “It wasn’t the infidelity that upset us, it was the deception and betrayal,” they added.

From closest friends to the “other woman.”

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Another Reddit user discusses how she played the “best man” at her closest friend’s wedding. He admitted one night that he didn’t adore his wife any longer, but he missed her deeply. He claimed he would divorce his wife, but she remained with him.

What hurts the most is knowing you’ve misjudged someone.

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“We had such a wonderful relationship.” Yet, he had this cushy job because his wife’s father was a general in the military and he would not give it up for me. He didn’t care about her in the slightest… eventually, there is no peace.. “I’m the one who gets you.”

Reddit u/Sobrikett

Why should I if she doesn’t?

Her scummy high school love interest was the topic of a Reddit thread titled “Just a girl and her dog.” He had been seeing both of them for the last eight years, and they had been sending and posting sexy Snapchat photos.

Love yourself first.

‘The Bachelorette’s Dual-Lead Season Is Already a ‘Huge F*cking Mess’

“I was the other girl in high school.” I was a naif and an idiot at the time. Because I was unpopular, I was so relieved that a guy finally paid me attention, even though I was the side chick.”

Reddit u/robairsarai

Herpes is forever.

This Redditor was sleeping with a married guy who promised to divorce his wife. She discovered she was just one of a several women after contracting an STI from the guy in question.

It’s impossible for everything to be about him.

“I was not a seductress.” He blew up about how it wasn’t simple to just “drop everything,” which isn’t what I was inquiring about, and I ended the conversation when I asked when I might see him again.”

Reddit u/anonymous

Is this a happy ending?

Her paramour was a redditor who had a senior who was also redditor. He ultimately divorced his wife and married her in the end. They are now the parents of their own children.

Taking ownership isn’t easy.

Unsplash | Carly Rae Hobbins

“I’ve been the “bad guy” for a long time, and I regret it.” At least I don’t lie to myself by thinking it wasn’t my fault; some feelings outweigh other feelings of morality and judgment[sic]. It was, indeed. I did something really terrible. It’s as simple as it gets.”

– Reddit u/Chubbybrownbear

Looking at things in a new light.

According to an anonymous Redditor, she purposefully slept with a guy who was already in another relationship. She describes it as one of the best days of her life, and she’s overjoyed.

Fooled For seven years.

Unsplash | Ashkan Forouzani

Reddit u/anneylani

Some people just don’t feel anything.

He had barely finished having sex with the guy he thought he loved when the Redditor on the other end of the line answered a call from his long-distance girlfriend while she was still in bed.

The plot thickens.

“I wasn’t the other woman, but my closest buddy was.” She was my other woman, which resulted in a plot twist. We kept having sex because my boyfriend knew and said he didn’t mind if we did.”

Reddit u/deleted

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