Since 1982, five friends have gone viral for posing in the same pose.

Last month, the “Five Year Photo Project” team took their ninth photo and it was finally a photo of all five men together. They had been worried that Burney, the guy in the middle, might not be able to make it because he has cancer.

five teenage boys sitting on a deck railing
Instagram | 1982

Burney is glad to be alive and doing what he loves. The group of friends had been apart for a while because Burney had cancer. But, they all reunited to take a photo together recently.

Burney made tacos for the group using his special recipe. The tacos were really good and he wore safety glasses and a glove to make sure he didn’t get any splatter on himself.

The five friends in 1987
Instagram | 1987

As they have been doing for 40 years, the five people sat on the deck railing on Wednesday in the same order and in the same poses that they have been striking since 1982 in order to honor a tradition that began 40 years ago.

This photo shows Burney’s right hand resting inside his right knee. A hat perches on Rumer-Cleary’s knee or lap. And Molony holds up a jar in his right hand.

five men sitting on a deck railing
Instagram | 1990

Some friends took a photo together back in high school. The pictures have started showing up all over the internet in recent days, and some people even appear to be wearing the clothes they were wearing in the photograph when it was taken.

five men sitting on a table inside a cabin
Instagram | 2007

Wardlaw’s grandfather built the Copco Lake cabin in 1970, and JD was the only person with a 35mm camera. On a trip to the cabin in 1982, Wardlaw took some group photos with the other men and embarked on a trip to the cabin with the other men.

A copy of the first photo was suggested by Wardlaw in 1987, and the rest of the photos were taken afterward.

The Copco Lake cabin is where JD and the other men’s reunions happen every five years.

The five friends in 2012
Instagram | 2012

In the 2012 picture, only two of the people in it were married. There were three of them in the 2017 picture, and JD had a son at the time.
There has been a change in the people in the picture, but there has been no change in the relationship between them.

five men sitting on a deck railing
Instagram | 2017

Wardlaw and his team are still undecided about what the final result of the photo will be. There are many different ideas they are considering, but they have not yet decided what to do.

Wardlaw says that they will continue taking the photo even though it is difficult and takes time. The goal is to make people laugh and enjoy the experience.

five men sitting on a deck railing
Instagram | 2022

It’s a lucky bunch of friends who started the “Five Year Photo Project.” This group of friends have a great friendship and they will continue to take pictures until there is no one left with the hope that someone, perhaps John Dickson’s son, will take a picture of the empty railing of the deck where they once sat.

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