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Delivery Boy Rescues 5 Kids from a burning home

Heroic 25-year-old man from Indiana is being celebrated for his bravery after rescuing three teens and two young kids from a raging house fire.

Nicholas “Nick” Bostic, a pizza delivery driver, was driving around 12:30 a.m. when he saw what looked like a small fire out front of a two-story house.

Nick stopped his car and put it in reverse to get a better look at the scene. He didn’t have his phone with him at the time, so he tried to wave down another passing driver, but with no luck.

Nick Bostic

The Good Samaritan hollered and eventually went inside the home. There was no smoke, and the lights were on inside. The house looked like it had already been evacuated.

Nick yelled some more to see if anyone inside could hear him and was halfway up the stairs when he was four people coming down.

a house on fire

When Nick and the other adults arrived at the house, they noticed that it was on fire.

Nick ran back into the house to look for any children who may have been left inside. He found and saved the 6-year-old child.

Nick Bostic carrying the young girl he rescued from a house fire

Nick was on the first floor of the building when the fire started. He said it was hard to see because of the smoke and he ran towards the crying. Nick said that, when he got to the crying person, he found out it was his boss. Nick first tried to find the source of the voice.

He then grabbed the shirt of a girl who was nearby and put it over her mouth to protect her from the smoke. Next, he reached for the girl and carried her towards an exit. Finally, he looked up and saw a bit of light. He remembered seeing a window in a second-floor bedroom and decided to head that way.

Nick Bostic lying on a hospital bed

Nick punched a hole in the window, but his hand bounced back. He then tried again and was able to break the pane. He jumped and landed on his right side, injuring his backside, arm, and ankle.

The man did all he could to absorb the impact on the little girl, and his efforts paid off because she “was miraculously mostly uninjured,” police said in a news release.

Nick Bostic wearing a hospital gown

Nick was treated for severe smoke inhalation and cuts to his arm from punching the window. Nick was later transferred to Eskenazi in Indianapolis.

David and Tiera are thankful to Nick and their community for helping during the home invasion. Nick’s dog, Buffy, also helped by alerting responders of the situation.

David and his friends welcomed their new friend, who is also a student at Purdue, into the group. They are going to invite the new friend and his girlfriend over for dinner once they have settled down somewhere.

Nick Bostic with the kids he saved and their parents

The fire department believes the fire started from ashes that had been emptied into a bucket on the porch before they were completely extinguished.

They have set up a GoFundMe account to help cover Nick’s medical expenses and bills.

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