Crazy Cargo Boat Customization That Will Blow Your Mind

For this lucky and hardworking couple in France, living in a boathouse with floor-to-ceiling windows is a dream come true.

Old cargo boat before transformation

Jérémie Malvy, a Parisian boathouse owner, and his wife Sara reside there. Because they’re far from all the bustle and bustle of the center, it almost doesn’t feel like they’re in the city.

A boathouse in Paris named Panjab

This boathouse, dubbed “Panjab” after Jérémie’s hometown of Punjab in Pakistan, feels open in contrast to the typical sensation of being inside a watercraft. The property boasts a diverse plant collection and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide abundant sunlight.

Panjab undoubtedly permits Jérémie and Sara to live in a boat because it allows them to be closer to nature.

Jérémie Malvy giving a tour of his boathouse in Paris

Sara, on the other hand, claims that being so close to the Seine has one disadvantage: her home is so gorgeous.

“Being in such a boat is even more difficult since we don’t go outside anymore. ” We’re forcing ourselves to go out almost every day. I’ll go eat somewhere. So, is it preferable to my own home? She went on to say, “No, I’m not.”

Living room of the boat house
Jérémie purchased this grain riverboat for 11,000 euros and is using it to transport cereals. When it was purchased, it was in good condition, and the home took roughly two and a half years to remodel.

Jérémie and Sara can attest that the wait was worth it since they have transformed an old boat into a floating home with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Inside Jérémie Malvy's boathouse

Jérémie, who came from Pakistan to France decades ago, finds significance in being near the water. He lived on the streets and couldn’t speak French; he would talk to the river in lieu of speaking.

Jérémie, on the other hand, started building his dream house after founding a series of successful organic grocery cooperatives and eateries.

A boathouse named Panjab

He didn’t want to lose touch with the river, which had been there for him throughout his toughest times, so he purchased a boat with an all-glass front that would always present him with a view of the river.

The boathouse’s basement is half-submerged in water, which provides excellent insulation as well as acoustics. Even one of the bathroom windows opens and permits them to touch the river water, giving Jérémie and Sara an eye-level vista of the river.

Outdoor patio of the boatYouTube

The river that flows around the Panjab, according to Jérémie, carries all of his stress away. They’ve found a refuge from all the commotion and care thanks to their ongoing connection with nature.

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