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Burn Inner Thigh Fat with this 2 Minutes Exercise – By Lisa Fiitt

If you want to get a well-toned body, you must also concentrate on working on your lower body since most women are concerned with strengthening and toning their upper bodies. Don’t forget about your inner thighs while working out your thighs, quads, and calves.

If you’re looking for exercises that will truly give your muscles the burn they need, try these out. There are a variety of inner thigh strengthening exercises you can do.

  • Cossack squat. Stand with your arms at your sides and your feet wider than your shoulders. While your right leg is extended and toes pointing upwards, squat as low to the left as you can. At chest height, raise your arms in front of you. By pressing down on your left foot, you can return to your original position. Apply the same to your right to complete one rep. Do ten repetitions of each exercise.
  • Jump squat. Squats are ideal for strengthening your leg muscles, but when it comes to developing your inner thighs, you’ll need to step it up a notch. Performing jump squats is one strategy to do this. Stand with your toes pointed somewhat away from you and your feet somewhat wider than your hips. With your knees not exceeding your toes, bend your knees to squat. Upon landing, jump up and immediately drop into a squat. Do ten repetitions of the exercise.
  • Tree lean to side lunge. Your core, hips, and lower body as a whole benefit from this exercise, not just your inner thighs. With your legs and feet together, stand tall with your arms raised overhead. While your hips are swaying to the right, flex your spine laterally so that your arms and shoulders stretch to the left. As your left leg steps out to perform a side lunge, sweep your arms up and over to form a half circle to the right. Your left hand should rest on your thigh, with your right pressed to the floor. To get into the tree lean pose, and push yourself back while circling your arms. Do the same thing on the other side after doing 10 reps on this one.
  • Flamingo balance. This time, your inner thigh muscles will be put to the test. Stand tall with a pair of dumbbells in each hand to begin this exercise. While lifting your right leg a few inches off the floor, shift your weight to your left foot. While extending your right leg behind you for balance, tilt forward at the hips to lower the weights close to the floor. Repeat 10 times in your original position. Repeat after a switch leg.

Reduce that excess fat in your thighs with these inner thigh exercises. Make certain that you are doing each exercise in the proper way to get the most out of your muscles.

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