Bride Bought $3.75 Wedding Dress and TikTok Loves It

Jillian Lynch decided to wear a white dress for her intimate wedding. She found the dress she wanted at a thrift store instead of Brides usually shop for wedding dresses at the bridal store first.

Jilly holding a bag

Jillian and her husband decided to get married in a small ceremony. They chose to have a micro wedding with only 30 people. After choosing a venue, Jillian started shopping for clothes she would wear at the event.

Jillian Lynch trying on her wedding dressTikTok

Jillian found a great white dress at a fraction of the price. She shopped at secondhand stores and only paid $3.75 for it. The dress is currently available on Revolve for $220.

Jillian Lynch showing her thrifted wedding shoes

Jillian posted a video of herself wearing the dress on TikTok. In the video, she says she’s unsure if she will wear it to the wedding. But after seeing lots of positive comments from viewers, she decides to make it her official wedding dress. After trying the dress on a few more times, Jillian falls in love with it and says she feels “really pretty” in it.

Jillian Lynch showing off her thrifted wedding dress and shoes

Jillian shared her experience of having her dress tailored on TikTok. She said that it was a lot like going to a bridal shop with friends to get feedback. They tailor-made the waist smaller replaced the adjustable straps with custom straps and added lace at the top of the slit to make it less noticeable.

Jillian was happy with her newly purchased wedding dress and shoes. She spent a total of $113.75 on the items, which was less than the original price of the dress.

Jillian Lynch walking hand in hand with her groom

Jillian loved every moment of her wedding. She did not spend any money on her hair and makeup, and she got married by her father.

Jillian Lynch with her groom

She and her groom just had a fun day at the wedding instead of trying to make it perfect. They were able to enjoy themselves and not worry about any mistakes that could have been made.

See Jillian’s viral TikTok showing how the dress looks on her.

@jilly_lynchso happy with all these finds 🤍♬ original sound – Jillian

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