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  • Five friends who went viral for taking the same photo since 1982 just took their latest picture

    Since 1982, five friends have gone viral for posing in the same pose.

    Five friends who have been taking the same photo every five years since 1982 are due for another photo, and they just shared it for the world to see. Last month, John “JD” Dickson, Dallas Burney, Mark Rumer-Cleary, John “Belves” Molony, and John “Wedge” Wardlaw took the ninth photo of their “Five Year Photo Project”. More

  • Bride bought the perfect wedding dress for only $3.75 and it went viral on TikTok

    Bride Bought $3.75 Wedding Dress and TikTok Loves It

    Most brides begin their search for wedding dresses at the bridal store, but not Jillian Lynch. It was her thrift shop that she owned. In her interview with Insider, she explained that because she thrifts all the time, it was just an option for her. Having planned her intimate wedding, Jillian, 32, knew she would have to go to a bridal shop but had never considered a bridal shop. More

  • Couple turns abandoned cargo boat into a stunning modern home, see the before and after

    Crazy Cargo Boat Customization That Will Blow Your Mind

    Living in a boathouse with floor-to-ceiling windows  is a luxury many people can only dream of, but it’s the reality for this lucky and hardworking couple in France who transformed an old cargo boat. YouTubeJérémie Malvy and his wife, Sara, live in a stunning boathouse in Paris. It almost doesn’t feel like they’re in the More