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A man and his dog spent seven years in 38 countries

On May 21, 2022, Tom Turcich and his dog Savannah completed their global trek. Seven years ago, this amazing adventure began, and now it’s time for a grand homecoming event. Tom and Savannah had traversed a total of 48,000 kilometers.

Tom Turcich and his dog Savannah inside a tent

In 2006, Tom’s close buddy Ann Marie perished in a jet ski accident. He then chose to go on an adventure and travel. As a result, he made the decision to go on this journey.

Tom Turcich and his dog sitting on the front porch of a wooden home

Tom aspire to be a traveling adventurer, like Steven Newman and Karl Bushby, as he has decided. He feels that seeing how people live day-to-day is best understood and seen in this manner.

Tom began saving money for his travel as soon as he could. After graduating from college, he moved back in with his parents to save money. Ann Marie was aware of the trip because it was sponsored by a local company.

A stroller and a dog on the side of the road

On April 2, 2015, Tom began his epic voyage around the world. Throughout his travels, he covered 9,000 kilometers. His journey, however, took seven years due to two delays.

Tom Turcich and his dog Savannah sitting on rocks

Tom began his adventure by walking from New Jersey to Panama. He then went to an animal shelter in Austin, Texas, to adopt Savannah. He then proceeded to Savannah’s home in the United States. Ultimately, he returned to New Jersey after completing the walk.

While Tom slept in a campsite, Savannah stayed with him. This helped Tom sleep better by making him feel more secure and calm.

Savannah, the dog who walked around the world with her owner

Tom was exhausted and discouraged. He wasn’t sure if he could continue on the journey, yet he never considered quitting.

The guy said that even though it was tough, he would never have given up on his desire to complete the trek.

He said that it was unrealistic to think that he would stop after only a few years since he had been contemplating the walk for a long time before starting it.

Tom Turcich and his dog Savannah during their homecoming in the US

Tom has walked across six continents and 38 nations, covering a long distance. He did it as a tribute to his late wife, Ann Marie, who died while walking with him. He came back to the United States after finishing the trek and is now re-establishing contact with friends and family while spending time with his new love.

Savannah is still getting used to being stationary, while Tom is also working on a memoir about his journey.

Every morning, his daughter’s father would take her for a stroll along the river. His daughter would jump on the sofa and fall asleep after their stroll. After these activities, her owner reported that she seems “pretty happy.”

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